Support Us!

A few years ago, one of our members had to suddenly move and leave her beloved shade garden behind. She left the plants to LFGC to dig, to winterize, and to sell at the 2019 plant sale, which is one of our major fundraisers. 

Not everyone has a garden full of plants to give, but many want to donate to the club to support its work, to honor someone, or to help it meet the challenges of the 2lst century.

At the heart of our club lies an important mission. In 1876, our founders wrote:

The object of this association shall be the care and protection of trees and shrubs in the streets and public places of Lexington and the improvement of the town by the planting of additional trees and ornamental plants, the study and development of the national resources of this vicinity, he cultivation of taste in arboriculture and horticulture and the discussion of these and kindred subjects.

To this day, LFGC has focused on improving the appearance of the town and beautifying its streets. Our members can learn about a wide range of gardening topics through lectures, workshops, and field trips. In recent years, we have also worked with other nonprofit entities or town departments such as Cary Memorial Library, Department of Public Works, and Lexington Historical Society to support a variety of events.

We are fortunate enough to have many donors who give to honor someone, to support our work, and to maintain the club's work in the future.You can support the club and its mission through your donations.