LFGC Calendar 2019-2020


Nov 20   Wednesday Workshop, Woodland Creatures 



Dec 10   Morning Study Group, Holiday luncheon

Dec 11    Winter Greens Party. Details TBA

Dec 12    Thursday Evening Group, Holiday Party

Dec 17    Garden Party, Silk Scarves

January 2020

Jan 8     Main Group, Update on Invasive Plants in Our Area with                   Peter Alden

Jan 9     Thursday Evening Group, Christ Church Botanical Garden

Jan 14   Morning Study Group, Floral Arranging Workshop at                       Wilson Farms

Jan 15   Wednesday Workshop, Yankee Swap with Potluck Brunch

Jan 21   Garden Party, Valentines for Veterans

Jan 27   Monday Evening Group, Winter-Themed Craft Project



Feb 9    Valentine's Social

Feb 11   Morning Study Group, Book Discussion of Hidden Life of                 Trees

Feb 12    Main Group, Consider the Cactus with Marc Raibert

Feb 12    Celebrating our Presidemts

Feb 19   Wednesday Workshop, Photo Tour of 4 Seasons at                            Longwood Gardens

Feb 24    Monday Evening Group, Don’t Fence Me In presentation

Feb 25   Garden Party, Book Discussion of Beautiful Madness



Mar 10  Morning Study Group, Christ Church Botanic Gardens

Mar 11  Main Group, Principles of Landscape Design with Gaele                    McCully

Mar 12  Thursday Evening Group, Creating Crepe Paper Blooms

Mar 15, 2:30 PM at Cary Library Quabbin to Wachusett with Leigh                  Youngblood. Reservations required through Library. 

Mar 17   Garden Party, Formaggio Kitchen

Mar 18   Wednesday Workshop, Rock Painting Workshop

Mar 23   Monday Evening Group Flower Design



Apr 2-3  Gardening Study School, GCFM

Apr 3, 11 AM  Minuteman Scholarship presentation & Luncheon

Apr 14   Morning Study Group, House Plants

Apr 15, 7 PM, Evening Program for All, Botany for Gardeners with                        Judith Sumner

Apr 22   Wednesday Workshop, Table Setting Workshop w/Annual               Meeting

Apr 24, 11 AM Arbor Day Observance at Community Center

Apr 28   Garden Party 1st Year Celebration



May 12   Morning Study Group, Field Tour of Boulderwoods                           Nursery 

May 13   Main Program/Annual Meeting Flower Arranging with                    Marisa McCoy/Annual Lunch

May 14   Thursday Evening Group, Interfaith Garden with Carla                    Fortmann

May 16   88th LFGC Plant Sale

May 19   Garden Party, Marshmallows

May TBA Wednesday Workshop, Tour of Verrill Farm with luncheon



Jun 1, 4 PM Monday Evening Group, Visit to Mt. Auburn Cemetery 

Jun 3     GCFM Annual Meeting

Jun 22, 5 PM Monday Evening Group, Lobster Bake

A comprehesive list of all activities and events within the Club. There is something for everyone! 

To learn more about one of our five sub-groups or to attend a specific meeting, please contact the group's chair listed here; emails are in the Member Yearbook.

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