Club Officers: 2019-2020

Executive Board

Elected Officers 

    Co-Presidents: Ruthanne Igoe & Ashley Rooney

                                      Vice President: Marilyn Ryngiewicz

Treasurer: Leslie Sargis

                             Recording Secretary: Jane Halverson

                      Corresponding Secretary: Georgia Glick

           Membership Co-Chairs: Bridget Galdes & Marilyn Rudick

Appointed Directors

                    Civic Gardening: Karen Boudreau & Meg Himmel 

                                 Communications: Donna Dennison

                                                 Events: Kathy Leva 

                   Financial Advisory Council: Nancy Hubert  

                                         Nominating: Jan Avallone                              

                               Sub-Group Chairs

                       Monday Evening Group: Cecile Platek

                          Morning Study Group: Leslie Masson & Leslie Sargis

                                       Garden Party: Leslie Masson & Leslie Sargis

                         Wednesday Workshop: Ellan Siegel

                     Thursday Evening Group: Judy Minardi


Past Presidents of the Lexington Field & Garden Club were honored at the March 13, 2019 meeting of the club. 

Top Row: Kris Burton, Joan Farr,
Joanne Frey, Harriet Hathaway.
Lower Row: Mary Nokes, Ann Webster, Julia Francis, Lillian Cohen. 
Anne Lee (R).

Absent: Nancy Hubert.