Mentoring Program 

Mentoring is a proven approach that provides rich learning and development for all involved. The mentor savors the satisfaction of passing knowledge to a new member; the mentee receives a wealth of information. And the two may well become friends.

"On October 3, I attended a gathering for new members of the Lexington Field & Garden Club hosted by Ruthanne Igoe in her lovely home.  Four Current members joined the six "newbies" to welcome us to the club.  After some time chatting and brief introductions, we settled down to hear Ruthanne, Ashley Rooney, Karen Boudreau, and Bridget Galdes discuss their roles in the club and the rich and varied experiences they get out of memberhsip. I was happy to learn that some very active members who spoke that night are relatively new to the club, a sign that participation by all is welcomed and valued. This impression was fortified by the offer of a current member to act as mentor to each new member. I went away from the meeting feeling very welcomed. I have in mind events I hope to attend and plans to participate in civic gardening and in other ways (you see, I'm writing this...). Best of all, I left with a potential mentor (now confirmed!) to help me learn all I can about this historic and treasured club and how I can enjoy it to the fullest."  . . .from Susan Cass

"I met a woman on my daily walk in the neighborhood. She happened to be planting bulbs near the sidewalk, so I stopped to talk with her about her eye-catching garden. It didn't take me very long to find out that I found someone who had the same interests as me about gardening. She suggested that I join the local garden club. I did in 2016 and she became my mentor. Over time, I joined two different civic gardening groups. I work with Kris Burton at the Munroe Tavern garden of flowers and I also work with Susan Mason cultivating a Lexington island. I have worked with the Plant Sale committee for two years as well. If it weren't for stopping by Meg Himmel's home that day on my walk, I'm not sure if I would have joined the garden club. Many thanks to Meg!" . . .from Regina Sutton 

Words from our Mentored Club Members

Members mingle at the Annual Luncheon

Mentor and mentee work together to pot plants for the annual plant sale.

Our program helps new members navigate all the opportunities the club provides. Many of those mentored may want to know more about gardening, but others may want to learn more about the club, its structure, or specific events such as the garden tour or the plant sale. Questions are answered, programs explained, and ideas discussed.

Through our mentoring program LFGC can continue to grow and flourish as can its members!