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Help us protect Massachusetts Pollinators

Last legislative session, Rep. Carolyn Dykema introduced a bill to protect Massachusetts pollinators by restricting the use and sale of harmful neonicotinoid pesticides. 57 Representatives in the Massachusetts House signed a letter to Speaker DeLeo asking him to bring the bill to the floor in the closing days of the session; he didn’t listen. However, work on the bill engaged farmers and beekeepers from across the state who stormed the state capitol in support of these common sense restrictions, and they are ready to act again.

Now, Rep. Dykema is reintroducing An Act to Protect Massachusetts Pollinators, and she needs co-sponsors! Lexington Field & Garden Club is located in Rep. Jay Kaufman’s district, though individuals in your organization can find their personal legislator here. Would you be willing to send an email to your Representative and/or call them to urge them to co-sponsor this bill? The more co-sponsors we have, the more likely Speaker DeLeo is to bring the bill to the floor. If we can garner even more letter signatures this session, MA could take a huge step towards being a real leader in pollinator protection!

If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to send you a sample letter to your rep urging them to co-sponsor this bill, as well as the letter from last year to Speaker DeLeo. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you very much!

Jason Davidson

Pollinator Policy Coordinator, Food and Technology Program

Friends of the Earth U.S.

1101 15th St. NW, 11th Floor

Washington, DC 20005

202-222-0738 (phone)

202-783-0444 (fax)


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